Prewedding Shawn & Ria in Situ Patengan

Thanks To Shawn & Ria for the Prewedding Days:

Ria is a woman who came from Bandung-West Java, Indonesia and Shawn is a guy from London, England. they enjoyed a beautiful day on the prewedding session .

May they be together forever! 🙂


This a very beautiful location is in Situ Patengan, Ciwidey-South Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Entrance ticket information:
– Rp.18.000 / person for public
– Rp. 135,000 / person for foreigners
– Rp. 11,500 for a car
– Rp. 350,000 for prewedding approval

You can follow this couple and photographer crew on instagram:

Bride & Groom  : ria.astika

Bridal  :rio_tan & mee_ariesta

Makeup:  agge_swan

Photographer  : sendy_leo

Printed & Design for Magazine Album  : weddingkumagazine



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